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29th-Dec-2022 12:52 am - Friends only!
TTGL: Nia you are a pretty princess.

Sorry, but this journal is friends only. Don't worry though, I don't bite! Just comment and I'm sure I'll add you :P

About me: My name is Karina Bowater, and I'm located in Perth, Australia. My natural hair colour is red, which is a warning in nature of danger! I love fandom, particularily FFVII- I ship SephirothXCloud, but if anything is written well enough I'll read it! For more of what I'm into, feel free to see my MAL, Playfire or Backloggery in my profile. I started cosplaying at the start of 2009, and really like it, even if i'm not too good at it yet! I really like playing videogames and watching anime, as well as reading, writing, and painting!
2nd-Aug-2021 12:17 am - Rafi Cosplay Directory.
TTGL: Nia you are a pretty princess.

Total costumes done: 23 (not up to date)
Total made: 21 (not up to date)
Total comps entered: 5 (not up to date)
Wins: 1 best group skit, 1 best group advanced, 1 runner up best costume

2009 Wai-Con Day 1- Gwendolyn/Odin Sphere On Coscom

2009 Perth Supanova Day 1- Tomo/ Azumanga Daioh (outfit purchased) Coscom
2009 Perth Supanova Day 2- Euphemia Li Britannia (casual Ver)/Code Geass Coscom dA [1 2 3 4 6]

2009 GO3 Day 1- Vileplume Gijinka/ Pokemon Coscom

2009 PAniC Ball Euphemia Li Britannia (DVD cover Ver)/Code Geass Belle of the ball, Featured in Perth 2010 cosplayer Calendar Coscom dA 1 2 3 5]

2009 (Costume Party) Poison Ivy Coscom

2010 Wai-Con Day 1 Yui/K-on! (outfit purchased) Coscom dA [1]
2010 Wai-Con Day 2 Akita Neru/ Vocaloids Coscom dA [1]

2010 PAniC Ball Sailor Jupiter (Ball dress Vsn)/Sailor Moon

2011 Wai-Con Day 1 Gwendolyn/Odin Sphere On dA: 1/ 2 / 3

PaniC Ball 2011 Stocking (Casino Dress Version)/Panty & Stocking (w. Jill as Panty)

Panty & Stocking, Brief, Scanty & Kneesocks (&Fastener) Shoot 6/02/2011 On dA

2011 Perth Supanova Day 0 Bianca/Pokemon white:ZAZgroup Rough Photo
2011 Perth Supanova Day 1 Alicia/Valkyrie Profile 2 (Runner up best costume) Tumblr
2011 Perth Supanova Day 2 Sanzo/Saiyuki Rough Photo

Wai-Con 2012 Day 1Blue Rose/Tiger & Bunny, (Group) Winners: Best Group Skit
Wai-Con 2012 Day 2 Mami/ Puella Magi Madoka Magica (group) dA Tumblr

Perth Supanova 2012 Day 0 N/A
Perth Supanova 2012 Day 1 Chidori/ Persona 3 dATumblr
Perth Supanova 2012 Day 2 Nanami / Uta Pri (group)dA Tumblr

PAniC Ball Nia (TTGL)- Wedding Dress Tumblr dA

Photoshoot only Lua /Baccano Rough Photo
PicnicPhotoshoot only Karina/ Tiger & Bunny Rough Photo photoshoot

Wai-Con 2013 Saturday Vanille- FFXIII-2 (group)
Wai-Con 2013 Sunday Saber Lily

OZCC Perth day 2: Himari/Mawaru Penguindrum photoset on lj

Perth Supanova 2013 Day 0 n/a
Perth Supanova 2013 Day 1 wore lolita
Perth Supanova 2013 Day 2 fancy Godtier Feferi, Homestuck

PAXAus Saturday 2013 ange/ umineko
PAXAus Sunday 2013 sonia nevermind/ super dangan ronpa 2

SMASH 2013 ange/ umineko (rewear)

Wai-Con 2014 Blanc - HYPERMENSION NEPTUNIA (group- Zaz, janey, naz, others)
Wai-Con 2014 Lissa- Fire Emblem Awakening

OZCC Perth (picniccon) 2014 day 1: alita tiala

Supanova Perth 2014 day 1FFXIV Summoner Kestrel Baywe (my character)
Supanova Perth 2014 day 2Roll: Megaman

Pax Aus 2014 Rosalina

Anigames 2015 Witch Ange- Umineko

Oz Comicon Perth 2015 Queen Clarion - Disney Faeries
Oz Comicon Perth 2015 Agitha - Hyrule Warriors

supanova Perth 2015 Kan- E- Senna (ffxiv)
Supanova Perth 2015 Serenade (eternal sonata)

Photoshoots up on Lj:

there are many other photos i haven't gotten around to putting up yet! :)

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18th-Sep-2020 04:52 pm - Wishlist
TTGL: Nia you are a pretty princess.
Because I suck to buy for, and people have cursed me for my lack of wishlist-having-ness. So look here for gift ideas. It's not very organized, sorry. You can also use this to inspire you for ideas or w/e. Just remember that my room is full of junk already :P

Note: I don't expect people to buy me all this shit. I'm not some big egoist, I know I wouldn't deserve that. I use this list to keep a track of what I plan to buy. Anyway most of this stuff is utter shit when you get down to it. Have you seen my room? sheesh. Take away my paypal. You can also use this as a good way to get ideas!

HOW IT WORKS if you so do deem is if there's something you want to get me, SCROLL DOWN to make sure no-one's claimed it in the comments! i was manually crossing off stuff (some people just all-out told me) but that sort of ruins the surprise, so I won't read the comments =3 ( when a birthday is coming up, i won't read till after, so i won't answer questions)

(note: i'm a bit of a germophobe, so please don't get me second-hand stuff. thankyou!)
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ValkerieProfile2:Truth or Death

Character: Alicia
Series: Valkyrie Profile 2 (PS2)

Costume & Model: Me
Photographer: Emmad Naqvi
Photoshoot assistant: Sally

...Collapse )
4th-Mar-2010 11:44 am - Photoshoot: Euphemia DVD cover
TTGL: Nia you are a pretty princess.
Cosplay photo shoot set: Euphemia Li Britannia, DVD cover version.


All photos under the Cut!Collapse )
4th-Mar-2010 10:54 am - Photoshoot: Euphemia Casual
TTGL: Nia you are a pretty princess.
Cosplay photo shoot set: Euphemia Li Britannia, normal/casual outfit.


All photos under the Cut!Collapse )
19th-Oct-2009 09:52 am(no subject)
TTGL: Nia you are a pretty princess.
So yeah, i've been afk for the past few days and will be afk for a couple more days- sooo much shit to do.

Sorry guys, I do love you all XOXOXO
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