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[Live like summer]
Wage War on the Person you were Yesterday
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29th-Dec-2022 12:52 am - Friends only!
TTGL: Nia you are a pretty princess.

Sorry, but this journal is friends only. Don't worry though, I don't bite! Just comment and I'm sure I'll add you :P

About me: My name is Karina Bowater, and I'm located in Perth, Australia. My natural hair colour is red, which is a warning in nature of danger! I love fandom, particularily FFVII- I ship SephirothXCloud, but if anything is written well enough I'll read it! For more of what I'm into, feel free to see my MAL, Playfire or Backloggery in my profile. I started cosplaying at the start of 2009, and really like it, even if i'm not too good at it yet! I really like playing videogames and watching anime, as well as reading, writing, and painting!
2nd-Aug-2021 12:17 am - Rafi Cosplay Directory.
TTGL: Nia you are a pretty princess.

Total costumes done: 23 (not up to date)
Total made: 21 (not up to date)
Total comps entered: 5 (not up to date)
Wins: 1 best group skit, 1 best group advanced, 1 runner up best costume

2009 Wai-Con Day 1- Gwendolyn/Odin Sphere On Coscom

2009 Perth Supanova Day 1- Tomo/ Azumanga Daioh (outfit purchased) Coscom
2009 Perth Supanova Day 2- Euphemia Li Britannia (casual Ver)/Code Geass Coscom dA [1 2 3 4 6]

2009 GO3 Day 1- Vileplume Gijinka/ Pokemon Coscom

2009 PAniC Ball Euphemia Li Britannia (DVD cover Ver)/Code Geass Belle of the ball, Featured in Perth 2010 cosplayer Calendar Coscom dA 1 2 3 5]

2009 (Costume Party) Poison Ivy Coscom

2010 Wai-Con Day 1 Yui/K-on! (outfit purchased) Coscom dA [1]
2010 Wai-Con Day 2 Akita Neru/ Vocaloids Coscom dA [1]

2010 PAniC Ball Sailor Jupiter (Ball dress Vsn)/Sailor Moon

2011 Wai-Con Day 1 Gwendolyn/Odin Sphere On dA: 1/ 2 / 3

PaniC Ball 2011 Stocking (Casino Dress Version)/Panty & Stocking (w. Jill as Panty)

Panty & Stocking, Brief, Scanty & Kneesocks (&Fastener) Shoot 6/02/2011 On dA

2011 Perth Supanova Day 0 Bianca/Pokemon white:ZAZgroup Rough Photo
2011 Perth Supanova Day 1 Alicia/Valkyrie Profile 2 (Runner up best costume) Tumblr
2011 Perth Supanova Day 2 Sanzo/Saiyuki Rough Photo

Wai-Con 2012 Day 1Blue Rose/Tiger & Bunny, (Group) Winners: Best Group Skit
Wai-Con 2012 Day 2 Mami/ Puella Magi Madoka Magica (group) dA Tumblr

Perth Supanova 2012 Day 0 N/A
Perth Supanova 2012 Day 1 Chidori/ Persona 3 dATumblr
Perth Supanova 2012 Day 2 Nanami / Uta Pri (group)dA Tumblr

PAniC Ball Nia (TTGL)- Wedding Dress Tumblr dA

Photoshoot only Lua /Baccano Rough Photo
PicnicPhotoshoot only Karina/ Tiger & Bunny Rough Photo photoshoot

Wai-Con 2013 Saturday Vanille- FFXIII-2 (group)
Wai-Con 2013 Sunday Saber Lily

OZCC Perth day 2: Himari/Mawaru Penguindrum photoset on lj

Perth Supanova 2013 Day 0 n/a
Perth Supanova 2013 Day 1 wore lolita
Perth Supanova 2013 Day 2 fancy Godtier Feferi, Homestuck

PAXAus Saturday 2013 ange/ umineko
PAXAus Sunday 2013 sonia nevermind/ super dangan ronpa 2

SMASH 2013 ange/ umineko (rewear)

Wai-Con 2014 Blanc - HYPERMENSION NEPTUNIA (group- Zaz, janey, naz, others)
Wai-Con 2014 Lissa- Fire Emblem Awakening

OZCC Perth (picniccon) 2014 day 1: alita tiala

Supanova Perth 2014 day 1FFXIV Summoner Kestrel Baywe (my character)
Supanova Perth 2014 day 2Roll: Megaman

Pax Aus 2014 Rosalina

Anigames 2015 Witch Ange- Umineko

Oz Comicon Perth 2015 Queen Clarion - Disney Faeries
Oz Comicon Perth 2015 Agitha - Hyrule Warriors

supanova Perth 2015 Kan- E- Senna (ffxiv)
Supanova Perth 2015 Serenade (eternal sonata) With Eva and Haru

PaxAUS 2015 Friday - Serenade (eternal sonata) With Eva and Haru
PaxAUS 2015 Saturday - Dreadwyrm Caster Kestrel Baywe (W Eva and Haru and Sinnatious Sone)
PaxAUS 2015 Sunday - Roll - Megaman

Oz Comic Con Perth 2016 Saturday - Nora (RWBY) W Eva and Haru and others
Oz Comic Con Perth 2016 Sunday -

Supanova Perth 2016 Saturday - AF2 Summoner
Supanova Perth 2016 Sunday -

Evolve 2016 Saturday - AF2 Summoner (With Orie)
Evolve 2016 Sunday - Reila Malkal (Code Geass)

FFXIV Fanfest Vegas Friday - Kan - E - Senna
FFXIV Fanfest Vegas Saturday - Spring Dress Kestrel Baywe

Madfest Perth 2017 Saturday -V4 Nora (RWBY)
Madfest Perth 2017 Sunday - Space Mami (W Cara as Madoka) - won (? award name?)

Oz Comic Con Perth 2017 Saturday
Oz Comic Con Perth 2017 Sunday Atelier Totori (with Eva and Haru) - Won best group

Supanova Perth 2017 Saturday
Supanova Perth 2017 Sunday


Pax AUS 2017 Friday -
Pax AUS 2017 Saturday -
Pax AUS 2017 Sunday -

Photoshoots up on Lj:

there are many other photos i haven't gotten around to putting up yet! :)

Costumes I'd like to do.Collapse )
18th-Sep-2020 04:52 pm - Wishlist
TTGL: Nia you are a pretty princess.
Because I suck to buy for, and people have cursed me for my lack of wishlist-having-ness. So look here for gift ideas. It's not very organized, sorry. You can also use this to inspire you for ideas or w/e. Just remember that my room is full of junk already :P

HOW IT WORKS if you so do deem is if there's something you want to get me, SCROLL DOWN to make sure no-one's claimed it in the comments! i was manually crossing off stuff (some people just all-out told me) but that sort of ruins the surprise, so I won't read the comments =3 ( when a birthday is coming up, i won't read till after, so i won't answer questions)

(note: i'm a bit of a germophobe, so please don't get me second-hand stuff. thankyou!)
...Collapse )
ValkerieProfile2:Truth or Death

Character: Alicia
Series: Valkyrie Profile 2 (PS2)

Costume & Model: Me
Photographer: Emmad Naqvi
Photoshoot assistant: Sally

...Collapse )
4th-Mar-2010 11:44 am - Photoshoot: Euphemia DVD cover
TTGL: Nia you are a pretty princess.
Cosplay photo shoot set: Euphemia Li Britannia, DVD cover version.


All photos under the Cut!Collapse )
4th-Mar-2010 10:54 am - Photoshoot: Euphemia Casual
TTGL: Nia you are a pretty princess.
Cosplay photo shoot set: Euphemia Li Britannia, normal/casual outfit.


All photos under the Cut!Collapse )
19th-Oct-2009 09:52 am(no subject)
TTGL: Nia you are a pretty princess.
So yeah, i've been afk for the past few days and will be afk for a couple more days- sooo much shit to do.

Sorry guys, I do love you all XOXOXO
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