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Wage War on the Person you were Yesterday

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NAME: Karina/Rafira/Kaz/Firaga
LOCATION: Perth, Australia
INTERESTS: Games, Anime, Manga, Books. You get the idea.
HOBBIES: Fledging cosplayer, Fanfic writer, average artist.
OCCUPATION: Studying Urban Planning at Curtin University, I am also a waitress at Miss Maud swedish Restaraunt and a Market Researcher (Read: I call people up and ask them if they want to do surveys)
FRIENDING POLICY: Come one, come all! I am very friendly, and the more the merrier. If you friend me out of the blue I will get curious and PM you, though! :3

Everyone does the 'Post pictures that will make people thing you're interesting' thing. I offer bidoof.


I do so apologize.

Travel Map
I've been to 22 cities in 2 countries
Australia: Adelaide
Australia: Albany
Australia: Alice Springs
Australia: Brisbane
Australia: Busselton
Australia: Cairns
Australia: Denham
Australia: Esperance
Australia: Exmouth
Australia: Gold Coast
Australia: Kalbarri
Australia: Kalgoorlie
Australia: Margaret River
Australia: Melbourne
Australia: Monkey Mia
Australia: Pemberton
Australia: Perth
Australia: Port Douglas
Australia: Rottnest Island
Australia: Sydney
New Zealand: Christchurch
New Zealand: Queenstown